Never Say Never

by Outasight

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Never Say Never (presented by LRG)


released August 17, 2010

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Track Name: Complicated
This where the talking ends and life begins....Let’s start again, it’s hard out here,
Why does it have it to be so complicated?
This is where all the conversation stops, and life begins, why does it have to be so complicated?

Welcome to my world where...
Imagination kept running
Sprinting and sprinting
Still trying to catch up....
Walk into the bedroom
of that only child....
Singing and humming
what would be his future.......
A prep school graduate
With a c average but I never seemed average
I would talk all night bout being Outasight
But I never kareem’d magic
Till I put the words to bed
And woke up the action
And canned the laughter
I ain’t trying to make a stand
I’m trying to fill up the rafters

explanations repeat in my mind
voices skipping back and forth
like stones cross the pond...
taken trips down memory lane
don’t bring pain
they be making me feel a certain way
about those wasted days.......
and when I hear about acquaintances
thru old friends I still hear they hating to no end
I shouldn’t even waste my breath on em
cuz if I confronted em they’d get all choked up
and I wouldn’t waste my breath on em
and I wish on death on none...
except my old self
the lost kid who thought he was owed wealth
cuz he was so ill oh well
Track Name: Never Say Never
Never say never if ya ever felt the way I felt
The way I felt
Never say never
You might feel a better

I used to worry about things that I couldn’t control
Change the channel
Cuz I don't feel watching no more

I used to get uptight about the littlest things...
Untie the knots
And loosen the strings

Welcome to the life I lead
I care about the money don't confuse it with greed
And never see me running from my fears that been coming
From all angles getting hot 90 degrees is it the right one
 hand on my heart no star spangled
Paying dues is painful...
And I'm getting close...
No gps
Nowhere to go

Feeling better, new shirt, new  sweater
Brand name put together
Yea I clean up nice
My advice not add another vice
Can ya dig that
She writes
On the last text of the night
And I can barely see that
Double vision liven I been doing it
And given myself to temptation
My girl has been patiently waiting...
For me to shape up
Yea circle gets the square
No squares in ya circle, don't fit
This year is your year
Mark it down on ya calendar
And if they testing character I’mma pass it
Montana to rice, 2 hands up
Welcome to the good life
Like Kanye performing to the Las Vegas lights,
Welcome to the good life x2
Track Name: Dizzy
I started out on Burgundy
But soon hit the harder stuff (call this richard andrew’s blues)
I could feel the morning roun the corner
And it’s killing my buzz. (in the back I hear the news)
You got something that really makes me spin
Like a Orange quarter water and a 5th of gin
Punch-drunk love and a wide eyed grin
I was looking to score so I took her to the tin
Rejected, I’m hooked like Kareem
A phene for obsense I scream to cause a scene,
Ummm that’s where it gets fizzy…
Another late night feeling kinda…
“I’m feeling so”
“Shit keeps moving round and getting me all”
“Watching the world spin”
Well its one shot, and 2 shots, and 3 shots, and floor
Everytime I think I’m done I keep on coming back for more
And my job kinda sucks everyday’s such a bore
And I want a bunch of new shit but I’m poor
All you ask is when you gonna grow up
And what you gonna do when you don’t blow up
Go throw another show where no one shows up
Drink too much Jameson and have to throw up.
You know what?
You prolly right,
What kinda grown man calls himself Outasight
But that’s life baby trying to stay busy
But all this damn talk got the boy feelin so…
I ain’t saying that I'm messed up
I been cleaning up myself
I shaved my face
And cut my hair
And put on a belt
And people come and go
Like I'm flicking thru cable
That's where its gets a little tricky
And leaves a guy feeling
Track Name: Near The End (ft. Freddie Gibbs)
Well there’s a right time and a right place
Mexico City and a steel briefcase
Filled with the soul
Of a young man
And there’s a holy ghost on the other side
Looking for a bed to close his eyes
While he gets away
From the routine
We on the go
Route 66
Convertible and a bunch of chicks
I can’t complain
Life’s been good to me
Scotch on the rocks
And pacific coasts
Block the wind
And Light the roach
We outta here
I’m signing off…
(Don’t you close your eyes you’ll miss all the fun)
We’re Almost Near The End.
Well there’s a right time and a right place
2 technics in a metal case
And a bb gun
Don’t shoot your eye
And Kerouac is in the back
Fill the shelf
And clean the rack
Its apropos, watup bro
We on the go
Rocking till the wheels fall off the side
Ain’t no rims to spin
To my chagrin
A pack of blues
Coltrane speakers
And converse shoes.
Lace em up, we on the run.
Track Name: Ahh Yea
If aint one thing then it’s another
Got me singen
Ahh yea
Running for cover
Got me goin
Ahh yea
Don’t me make suffer
Ahh yea
You shake your body roun make a brother lose his mind
Off the books count the hours running overtime
Charlie hustle with a shuffle yea sold the grind
To a greater cause
Now sound the applause
 Pin dropping silence steady when you when you entering
It’s not a science we applying
We just meant to win
Don’t be beleaguered I am a eager to earn a stripe
Toast a glass approaching fast moments after midnight
You got that late night
Go wherever it take right
 Time and place for everything
Tonight we gonna make life
A little bit better than we ever dreamed of
Portland passing Pasadena
Partake in madness on a daily status
Y’all never see us.
Talking talking baby what’s it what’s it ever for
They got the young folks trapped behind the trapped door
Whispering ambitions
Roses thru a cracked floor
Keep on going keep on growing
Who cares what they ask for
A dollar and dream shorty bout to cash in
Turbulence on ascend seatbelt fastened
They take a whole lot
Give a little ration
Mama didn’t raise no sucka
Fucka I’mma cash in
Little did you know before this song
I was about to quit but I’m back on
Back on, light switch
Morning noon and night shift
Songs for life in the right pitch
Turn your back and you might miss
All the action
We can muster
Busting up
The pipes
Track Name: Dear Heartache
Saturday morning with nothing to do it’s up to you
To love me
For who I am and never get confused
On what’s the truth…
All my
Time has been wasted running around
This game for fools
All my
Energy misplaced not to be found
I guess it’s cool

The simple things are the hardest
Dear heartache
Dear heartache you got me
The simple things are the hardest
Dear Heartache.

Sunday night with no one to talk to you, I’m kinda screwed
Love me
If I mess up or not tell the truth
What’s left to lose?
Oh my
I’m feeling like my has luck finally changed
It’s kinda strange
Oh my
No more rain on my parade
I’m out the shade.

Yours truly I’m truly yours.

Yo I left my heart in el Segundo
Tried to turn back but I had to run tho
Spent a few months in dark seclusion
Summertime showed and it changed my tune and
That’s right around when I met you and
That’s right around when I was through with
All the memories and photos and no doze
Chain smoking all loco I felt so low
Track Name: Lush Life (ft. XV)
Sitting back on my mc status
I ain’t good at math but I’m above average
This got a ring to it
No rush to marriage
Or ride the horse and carriage
But I am truly flattered
Don’t make me blush
Grab my hand when I walk in
But what’s the rush
Watsup with my life being lush
If looks could kill watch the crowd go hush…
Out the club in the morning light
To the diner for some grub got an appetite
For destruction
Who fronting
On this real cool brother
One of a kind style
Who don’t sound like another
Don’t hate me for being a life lover
I came from the bottom
And look how I got em
All in a frenzy acting all friendly
Now where’s my umbrella sir Mr. Bentley

Hey, Welcome to the Lush Life.

Put words together like playing I’m scrabble
Triple word score
Now make ya trunk rattle
Any new kicks yup I got to have those
Dutches we pass those just like with Tabasco
With anything I grub on
This ain’t no love song
Now everybodystop and say hey………
And pretty young thing got me off the wall
Last shot of the night this my curtain call
But I’m sticking around for the encore
Cause I got a lil sumtin but I want more….
Makes ya think
Anything possible with a couple of drinks
Now everyone at the same time say ho
Knock on wood the boy gon be good
Been long enough on the brink, think…
Track Name: Believe (ft. Avriel Epps)
It came as no surprise
Another month gone in the books
I swear without you around its restlessness overdose.
My welcome overstayed,
Maybe I can’t catch a hint,
Success where are you now?
Think I need another hit….
A lil bit of problems, baby I’m in it
Stopped for a second, then took a minute
The jokes on me but who we kidding, ain’t nothing funny bout no money when you liven
Like me
Waiting in vein,
Caught in the web and it ain’t a ip,
Address my problems, feeling better
Obstacles but I won’t let up…

And every time I swear I,
Was about to give up on you,
And now I believe again.

Everyday, somehow, something,
Keeps getting in my way,
But that’s ok, cause I, keep going on and on and on…

Some try to shoot ya down,
Their aim, off the mark
Scared of being themselves,
Afraid of what’s in they heart
Been on the scene,
Played the role, say the lines,
Appreciate the honesty
Gave my soul
Gave my time
For you’d I’d do anything,
Consider it done, end the dream,
From the day we met cold sweat hot flashes
After attention from the masses

And I told myself
A million times before that I was done,
And now I believe again.
Track Name: Twenty Something
I say I’m done
Never Again
I say we're lost
Never can win
I say what can you do...
When your twenty something and.....

Days feel the same,
When you get older,
Feel the weight,
On your shoulders,
I cant explain,
But I don’t know what I want to do with my life ...

All my friends, miss being alive,
All tied up, in 9 to 5s, good bye
Get your degree, a nice piece of tree,
And head right to the back of the line.

Bored as hell so I went out for a ride
Past by a bar with college kids outside...
Smoking cigarettes,
Trying to make sense of the world
And seem more mature
Stopped myself as I rolled up to the light
A convertible with a old dude driving pulled right up to my side
All the sudden I began to realize,
We all trying to be

All this time…
I tried to find,
An answer to,
What I was supposed to do
And now it’s clear
I faced my fears
Of gaining years
Age is just a state of time, not of mind
Track Name: Understand
Never ever make a sound x3
See this is the part where I let it go
Never been one to ever ever fuss and fight
 The spotlight's on now it’s time for the show
Where everyone cept me seems to be alright
 Oh my, Oh my
Future is in the hands of you
No lie, No lie
It seems to scare the shit out of me
The fact remains the truth’s the toughest pill to swallow
Do you have something to drink that I can borrow?
 See you hear you. Don’t you
Let go oh
Feel you don’t quite get me
You never do
 I only hear what I want to hear
So tell me something good now that I’m here...
 I said 10 4 and Over and out
Copy I get what you’re talking about. 
 See this is the part where it let it go
Never ever been one to agree to disagree
 Didn’t sign up to watch from the front row
I thought the world revolved around me.
Damn this
Dialogue get’s so confusing
Not understanding
I feel like I’m losing hope,
For every word that you scream or utter goes in one ear and out the other
Won’t fight for long
Used to argue just to argue
See the odd truth
That I liked it
 Later on
I moved onto
A different ensemble
Around truth
Hmmm Despite shit
 Seeming like it never gon change,
So far gone but really lack range,
Not all the pitfalls come with fame
Being regular is hard enough
 So pick a side, ala carte…
Do you listen to them
Or do you do what you want
 I maybe stubborn but unlike many others I don’t get offended when people act above us
I say Fuck em….
Track Name: She's Leaving Home
Wednesday morning roun 5 o’ clock
The day begins it never stop
We wake up to
A little light peaking on thru
Downstairs to the kitchen we go
Eat breakfast
Sip a cup of joe
On the counter there
I left you a rose
Next to a note for the airport
Quickly eat and puff a smoke
The TV blares and the stove is broke
No need to talk or Crack a joke
I packed your bags and we hit the road
Start the car and End the day
Knew this was coming round the end of May
But it’s easier said than done
Made our bed and we had our fun but
(She’s leaving home)
Paris France Spain and Milan
Rides in Venice staring up at the stars
Polaroid flicks
And postcards in script
Written to her family
That she will dearly missed
And the radio at night would play her favorite song
Can’t hardly wait, Westerberg has his charm
2 weeks alone and 1 week in Prague
Days turn to month
And that’s she want…

They say home is where the heart is
But what happens when you departing
Excuse me miss but please you’ll have to pardon
My behavior but I’m just getting started
And I can say this with confidence
Or my use common sense
To State the obvious
Beyond the compliments
We are the opposites
Attracted to each other
Magnets for a mess
Wishing all the best
But only getting stressed
Staying for the sex
And fighting bout the checks
Issues addressed
Including your address
You leaving home
On a flight direct
That I can’t intersect
But if I can interject
It’s not too late
And I would just say
That how we came together is a measure of fate
But I guess it can wait as we pull up to the gate
Track Name: Nice
I don't wanna be alone
It don't matter anymore
Who it is
As long as someone's there
I don't wanna be alone
It don't matter anymore
What happens
From here on out

With the same ol’ 2 step
Bounce around town
Know what you doing
Ain’t the jealous type
Seeing how the fellas like
Running game
All day
Yea I let it ride
Damn, let's cruise
Lost all my Energy and blew a fuse
If the rules
What you do
The news
For me to choose
A bruised ego
Is cool

What a fool
The man don't learn
Bought bags
 Bought jewels
Canceled subscriptions
But then renewed
And I don't mean to be rude
Penny for a thought
So what a few stacks gon do
Or 2
Tied my noose
Told me to hang loose
Nothing but net I guess
I can shoot

So we really doing real nice
A piece of advice
I’ll take the whole slice
I aint hear no bells
Don't throw no rice
Blazer off white with a navy pinstripe
Right out
 Miami vice
Don't seem like the type
But the damn that’s the life
And I didn't choose it
Its too confusion
Use your illusion
Guns and roses
Flash Juxtaposes
35 millimeter
Black and white poses
50, 6 and Lotus
As an added bonus
Tell me if on this
Even when I lie in bed
I'm being honest
Say good night
And see ya in the morning
Wherever I’m roaming
I'm looking for love
So I can't be alone then.
Track Name: Be Alright
I wish I could tell you,
That everything’s ok,
When certainly there not…. (Cause in my mind)
The weight of getting older,
Falls right upon my shoulders
The clock never stops… (No rewind)
To you it means a change for good
A day you been waiting for
Well I, cannot abide, no how no way.
To me it means letting go
Of being carefree
Is something I’d rather not try, today.

I’ll be alright, I swear,
If it’s fine by you don’t pay me no mind.
I’ll be alright, I swear
It’s my life and it's ending one minute at a time

And I’m alive
And free
And young
And chilin out
And doin whatever I want.
I’m not sure exactly,
When time slipped thru my fingers,
But I’m afraid to lose anymore,
Please excuse the mess,
I can’t get over the hill and look back
No that’s for sure.
And days swing by so blissfully
Scares the shit out of me
My dear, does getting old mean you’ll be alone?
Afraid of death afraid of life
Knock the door and wasting time, hello,,
The thought of being without you is gone…

And I was thinking bout turning up the stereo
And playing something out loud so I couldn’t hear the world
And maybe stop it on its axis for a second
So I can live in the moment for just another minute in it
And I was thinking about closing up the shades
And acting like it never changes time in the day
And I don’t have to see the sun fade away
It’s like it never happened
Then I’d be ok.
Track Name: On My Way
I’m on my way
I’m not sure how the rest goes
Soon as I do I’ll let you know…
Beat skipping like we throwing a stone
Party start jumping roun 1 in the morn
2 turntables
And one long night
Morning come quick
But stopping ain’t right
And I’m hopping this flight
On the road less traveled
Did my dirt
Got stuck in the gravel
Bright lights big city
Face of the apple
Grazed in the pastures
Placed with no masters
The face of disaster
Could stare right back
Johnny walker black
For a long nightcap
Yea I roll like that
So if you rolling with me
It’s a long haul
The straight nitty gritty
Bad luck won’t stop
So please no pity
Be home real soon
Comeback in a jiffy
Rain against my window
Like I’m talking to missy
If I’m gone tomorrow
Will they ever really miss me…
And they say you never miss something
Till it’s gone
Spent my early 20’s
Sitting high at home
Going to school
And playing the course
Heard a million times
You can do better off
Losing your ambitions
Messing roun is fun
Wakeup roun noon
Dropped out 21
And I didn’t say any of this is an achievement
Meaning I don’t need no nod of agreement
Hard headed
Stubborn to a fault
180’d those in the way
A true summersault
Cause it’s hotter than July
When the pressure start to melt
Every emotion on the sleeve
And every lyric felt
Any melody sang comes out like a belt
Heard all across the world
And I’m highly compelled
To figure out this story
That I have to tell…
I wonder if I will…
I’m on my way
I’m not sure how the rest goes
Soon as I do I’ll let you know…