Never Say Never

from by Outasight

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Never say never if ya ever felt the way I felt
The way I felt
Never say never
You might feel a better

I used to worry about things that I couldn’t control
Change the channel
Cuz I don't feel watching no more

I used to get uptight about the littlest things...
Untie the knots
And loosen the strings

Welcome to the life I lead
I care about the money don't confuse it with greed
And never see me running from my fears that been coming
From all angles getting hot 90 degrees is it the right one
 hand on my heart no star spangled
Paying dues is painful...
And I'm getting close...
No gps
Nowhere to go

Feeling better, new shirt, new  sweater
Brand name put together
Yea I clean up nice
My advice not add another vice
Can ya dig that
She writes
On the last text of the night
And I can barely see that
Double vision liven I been doing it
And given myself to temptation
My girl has been patiently waiting...
For me to shape up
Yea circle gets the square
No squares in ya circle, don't fit
This year is your year
Mark it down on ya calendar
And if they testing character I’mma pass it
Montana to rice, 2 hands up
Welcome to the good life
Like Kanye performing to the Las Vegas lights,
Welcome to the good life x2


from Never Say Never, released August 17, 2010
Written by R. Andrew, M. Kawesch
Produced by 6th Sense
Recorded by 6th Sense @ No Fame Studios
Mixed by Jason Goldstein @ Audio Pirhana



all rights reserved