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Never ever make a sound x3
See this is the part where I let it go
Never been one to ever ever fuss and fight
 The spotlight's on now it’s time for the show
Where everyone cept me seems to be alright
 Oh my, Oh my
Future is in the hands of you
No lie, No lie
It seems to scare the shit out of me
The fact remains the truth’s the toughest pill to swallow
Do you have something to drink that I can borrow?
 See you hear you. Don’t you
Let go oh
Feel you don’t quite get me
You never do
 I only hear what I want to hear
So tell me something good now that I’m here...
 I said 10 4 and Over and out
Copy I get what you’re talking about. 
 See this is the part where it let it go
Never ever been one to agree to disagree
 Didn’t sign up to watch from the front row
I thought the world revolved around me.
Damn this
Dialogue get’s so confusing
Not understanding
I feel like I’m losing hope,
For every word that you scream or utter goes in one ear and out the other
Won’t fight for long
Used to argue just to argue
See the odd truth
That I liked it
 Later on
I moved onto
A different ensemble
Around truth
Hmmm Despite shit
 Seeming like it never gon change,
So far gone but really lack range,
Not all the pitfalls come with fame
Being regular is hard enough
 So pick a side, ala carte…
Do you listen to them
Or do you do what you want
 I maybe stubborn but unlike many others I don’t get offended when people act above us
I say Fuck em….


from Never Say Never, released August 17, 2010
Written by R. Andrew, W. Lobban-Bean
Produced by Cook Classics
Recorded by 6th Sense @ No Fame Studios
Mixed by Cook Classics @ The Beat Locker, Los Angeles, CA



all rights reserved